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About Us

We are a dynamic family business that has been active on the market since 1982 and which is characterised by the high quality of products and services combined with continuous technological development. There are currently over 60 tonnes of steel products produced daily. The number of our contractors is steadily increasing and currently stands at over 2,500.

O firmie PPHU Konrad - producencie wyrobów stalowych

We are selling wholesale and retail

High quality of products and services, constant technological development and adaptation to changing consumer preferences and competition on the local and foreign markets are the company's goals. That is why we continuously invest in the modernisation and acquisition of new machines and equipment.

Every day we manufacture about 60 tons of steel products.

Our offer includes:

  • drawn wire
  • barbered wire
  • galvanized wire
  • twist wire
  • welding wire
  • tie wire - glowing soft
  • construction nails
  • carpentry nails
  • hardened nails
  • ring collated nails
  • ring nails
  • twist nails
  • EPAL nails
  • fence staples
  • tex nails
  • steel nets for flooring underlays - welded mats
  • steel fibre - dispersed reinforcement for industrial flooring
  • wire rod

We also offer

  • screws, gaskets, nuts, screw joints - everything in a wide size range,
  • fencing accessories - cords, stretchers, tensioners, fence posts, Roman screws, breakaway threads, Leduchowski's netting, Rabitz netting, metal discs, pins, screws, electrodes, welding wire,
  • L-type joints, threaded rods, farmer screws.

O firmie PPHU Konrad - producencie wyrobów stalowych

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Our products feature high quality and durability.